I started Find a Gift For as a result of people telling me I had a knack for suggesting (and buying) awesome, thoughtful gifts. Lists are created by me by hand based on my taste, and, often, my personal experiences. I will never promote a product because I was asked to.

Find a Gift For has partnerships with many of the companies whose products it promotes. If you click a link to “Get It,” and you purchase that item, I get a commission. This does not inflate the price in any way.

Gift lists are created by hand and as a result, the advertised price on my site might be incorrect. The price listed reflects the price advertised when I found that item and chose to include it on a list.

While I do receive a commission for any products advertised and purchased as a result of clicking through to it, I will never include a product at the urging of any advertiser that I don’t believe fits the bill for a given list.