Dermaflash One At-Home Dermaplaning Kit



Welcome Dermaflash! Bye, bye peach fuzz and dead skin cells that make your makeup look blegh!

The first time I dermaplaned, I was a little worried I’d hurt myself or end up with a 5 o’clock shadow. (Neither occurred.) While I was a little grossed out seeing my skin flaking off and little tufts of peach fuzz falling away, the results were undeniable: the next morning, I was GLOWING. It’s truly a way to get the feeling of a luxury spa treatment at home (and safely).

The Dermaflash kit comes with the device, 4 blades, and one bottle each of PREFLASH and POSTFLASH (the things you’re supposed to apply before and after you dermaplane).

Amazon offers free returns if you’re not wowed. And if you have the Amazon Visa, you can pay for it interest-free over 6 months.

QVC sells a pack of 8 blades and two bottles each of PREFLASH and POSTFLASH for less than $50.

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