Tria Beauty 4x Laser At Home Hair Removal



I’ve had this for years, and it does work. In my mid-30s I began to notice my hair getting thinner but extra hair sprouting everywhere else. I hated the shadow above my lip. I used the Tria to combat this hair in particular, and while the results aren’t super dramatic, there is a noticeable difference. (Also I could be way better at keeping up with my sessions.)

The good:

  1. By and large, it doesn’t feel like much, if anything. You need to use that conductive gel that it comes with, of course. I feel no pain when doing my upper lip*. Most underarm zaps weren’t painful. Some parts of my leg were more sensitive than others.
  2. It definitely creates a noticeable difference in amount and thickness of hair growth.
  3. You can do this AT HOME.
  4. You pay for it once.

The bad stuff:

  1. You can’t use it on dark skin (or tan skin). There’s a sensor that’s supposed to keep the laser from firing if your skin is too dark.
  2. You have to be disciplined. Set reminders on your phone for every session. You need to keep up with it or you can’t complain about lackluster results!
  3. Can’t get a whole leg done on one charge.
  4. The treatment window is so tiny. I imagine there’s good reason for that, but man… to be able to cover two or three times as much surface per zap would be awesome.

The Tria is a revelation, and I am really happy to own it. I think it’s an important addition to any DIY beauty enthusiast’s toolkit.

The link button is for the pink one. Here’s a link to the green one.

*I noticed that when I was doing my upper lip, the laser would send shock waves through the nerves of the teeth behind my lip. A truly horrendous feeling. I prevent this by holding my thumb under my lip and in front of my teeth like a shield. It makes all the difference!