View Master-Like Reel Viewer with Custom Photo Reel


Uncommon Goods



Remember these? Well, they’re back and now you can get one with custom photos!

For $29.95, you get the viewer and a redemption code so you can get a reel of your own seven stereoscopic pictures. Additional custom photo reels cost $14.95, which you can also buy on Uncommon Goods. Once you submit your photos, your reel will ship within 5 business days (plus travel time).

I needed a little refresher on the original View Masters as it’s been decades. I remember you’d pop a reel in and look inside, pulling down the little crank on the side to see the next image on the reel. But how did it work to give the photos a sense of depth?

Each reel has 7 pairs of distinct images – 7 different images, but doubles of each. Those identical images are opposite each other on the wheel so that when you look through the view finder, each eye sees one of the images. This is what creates that 3D-like, depth effect. It’s the OG precursor to VR devices like Google Cardboard and Oculus.