HALO Portable Charger with AC Outlet and Jumper Cables





I saw this on QVC a year or so ago, and was kind of mesmerized. Obviously, it has all the outlets for charging phones. It has an AC outlet, so you can plug in a lamp or something in a power outage. It can jump start a standard car battery over 200 times on one charge (96 times for an SUV). It can jump start a riding lawn mower over 100 times. It holds a charge for 18 months, so you can feel free to leave it in the car for emergency use.

It comes in lots of colors and prints, from camouflage to rose gold to paisley, so there’s bound to be one for you.

There’s been a $25 off coupon for this on Amazon forever that you apply from checking a box on the product page. Available Prime.

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